Contact Us

The Freeseer community is available to brainstorm, ask and answer questions, and offer support online.

Mailing List

Join the Freeseer discussion group at Once you’ve joined, you can post and receive updates through the website, or through


The Freeseer mailing list on bluehost ( is deprecated and should no longer be used.

IRC Channel

Instant message with the Freeseer community on IRC.

  • Server:
  • Channel: #freeseer

IRC Clients

You’ll need some way to join the IRC channel, that’s typically done through an IRC client. There are way too many IRC clients to list them all. The easiest is to use your browser, but it’s not a recommended long-term solution.


  • To get someone’s attention on IRC, mention their username
    • Some IRC clients support username autocompletion via the tab key
  • To block activity messages in a channel: /ignore -channels #freeseer * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS
    • You can specificy more channels by comma separating them
    • Some clients (e.g. weechat) support “smart filters” to automatically hide noisy activity messages

Channel Bot

You’ve probably noticed BotBot [o__o] hanging out in #freeseer. BotBot is our friendly channel bot from

BotBot responds to certain queries. Try asking BotBot for help:

   You | [o__o]: help
[o__o] | Available plugins: logger, ping, help, github (

BotBot will gladly fetch GitHub issues (and Pull Requests) for you, just type gh#<issue-number>:

   You | gh#401
[o__o] | Database upgrade failed when starting freeseer:

BotBot also keeps a searchable log of our channel. Read any discussions you missed at

Twitter, Facebook, and Blog

You can also find Freeseer community members on various channels across the web:


Part of the Freeseer community prefers to blog about Freeseer on their personal blogs.

Toll-free Phone Number

Call for free at 1-877-253-0617 x27. If Andrew (our project leader) isn’t available to answer the call, then you’ll be asked to leave a voicemail message.

Google+ Hangouts

We occasionally use Google+ Hangouts for Freeseer meetings.

Here’s some tips for joining our next video chat:

  • Provide us with an email address that’s associated with a Google+ account, and we’ll send you an invitation
    • A Google+ account is required for Google Hangouts
  • Have a webcam ready (not recommended for slow connections)
  • Have a headset ready (optional but recommended)

Using the Appropriate Communication Method

  • Use the mailing list to discuss topics that affect the whole Freeseer community.
    • Examples: introducing yourself, showing a draft or final version of your project proposal, requesting help on a problem after an unsuccessful attempt in the IRC room, progress updates
    • If you’re unsure which communication method to use, use the mailing list!
  • Use the IRC channel to have quick discussions that do not require input from the whole community.
    • Examples: need help with a bug, questions about the source code or git, general questions about Freeseer
    • Off-topic discussions are allowed, as long as they don’t interrupt any on-going discussions
  • Don’t contact us through Twitter, Facebook, or the blog. Those services are mainly used to broadcast information to the public, and they are not necessarily ran by us (i.e. Freeseer contributors).
  • Use the toll-free phone number if you need to contact Andrew urgently.
  • Use G+ Hangouts for Freeseer meetings where we discuss progress updates.