Release Engineering

When releasing a new Freeseer version use the following checklist.

  1. Ensure your git repo is clean
  2. Update resource files
    • Navigate to src/freeseer/frontend/qtcommon and run make
  3. ./ <new version>
  4. git commit -asm "Release 3.0.0"
  5. git push origin master
  6. Login to GitHub and navigate to a new release
  7. Draft the release notes include new features and bugs fixed
  8. Create python egg and source distribution:
    • python sdist
    • python bdist_egg
  9. Push the source distribution to PyPi
  10. Add the 2 binaries to the Release Draft
  11. After peer review and release date agreed on Publish the release


The commit message summary line should say “Bump version to release version 3.0.0” (update version as relevant).